1 tool for cutting
blunt, dull (esp. AmE)
four-inch, six-inch, etc.
plastic, silver, steel
kitchen, table
bread, butter, fish, steak
butcher (esp. AmE), butcher's (esp. BrE), chef's
carving, paring (esp. AmE)
pocket, Swiss army™
bowie (esp. AmE), hunting, sheath (esp. BrE)
butterfly, flick (BrE)
Stanley™ (BrE), utility (AmE)
craft (BrE), X-acto™ (AmE)
putty (AmE)

a set of kitchen knives

pick up

She picked up her knife and fork and started to eat.

lay down, put down

Use a sharp knife to cut away the spare dough.

cut, slice

That knife doesn't cut very well—it needs sharpening.

blade, handle
block, holder
with a/the knife

The lines can be cut with a craft knife.

the blade of a knife, the handle of a knife
go under the surgeon's knife (esp. BrE)

He is to go under the surgeon's knife (= have surgery) again on Thursday.

a knife and fork
2 used as a weapon
long, sharp
combat (esp. AmE)
be armed with, carry, have

She carries a knife in her bag now.

brandish, point, wave, wield

She pointed her knife at Richard.

He waved his knife in her face threateningly.

draw, draw out, produce, pull, pull out, take out, whip out

He suddenly pulled a knife on me.

She suddenly produced a knife from her pocket and started brandishing it.

come at sb with, stab sb with, threaten sb with

She stabbed him in the back with a 12-inch knife.

plunge, press, push, put, stick, thrust, twist (often figurative)

He plunged the knife deep into her heart.

He pressed the knife tighter against her throat.

Just to twist the knife (= cause additional suffering, tension, etc.), the filmmakers have provided a surprise ending.

sharpen, whet
cut sth, pierce sth, slash sth, slice sth, slice through sth

She cried out in pain as the knife slashed her arm.

She felt a knife slice her wrist open.


He was slumped over his desk with a knife protruding from his back.

attack, fight

a frenzied knife attack

He and his gang had a knife fight one night.

cut, wound
with a/the knife
the blade of a knife, the hilt of a knife
hold a knife against sb's throat, hold a knife at sb's throat, hold a knife to sb's throat, put a knife to sb's throat

She put the knife to his throat to frighten him into silence.

a knife in sb's heart (figurative)

Each word he uttered was a knife in her heart.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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