1 sound/act of laughing
light, little, short, slight, small, soft
deep, low, rich
big, good, great

The last joke got the biggest laugh.

belly, booming, hearty
harsh, shrill
barking, husky, throaty

He laughed that warm, sexy laugh.

amused, delighted
embarrassed, nervous, shaky
bitter, cynical, derisive, dry, fake (esp. AmE), forced, hollow, humourless/humorless, mirthless, mocking, rueful, sarcastic, scornful, wry

She forced a bitter laugh.


Nick responded with a genuine laugh.

cruel, evil, sinister

The man laughed, a harsh, evil laugh.


This movie is too intent upon getting cheap laughs.

give, laugh, let out

He gave a short, amused laugh.

She laughed a hollow laugh then fell silent.


We all shared a good laugh.

force, manage
bite back (esp. AmE), choke back, hold back, smother (esp. AmE), stifle, suppress

She tried to suppress a laugh, but ended up giggling anyway.

enjoy, like

He enjoys a good laugh.

draw, earn (AmE), get, raise (BrE)

That earned a laugh from everyone.

Few of his jokes got a laugh.

She got a laugh out of Jack.

escape sb

A small laugh escaped her.

ring out

A laugh rang out behind me.

for a laugh

She dyed her hair green just for a laugh.

with a laugh

He left the room with a cynical laugh.

laugh about, laugh at

We all had a great laugh about it when we got home.

laugh over

I had a good laugh over that one.

be good for a laugh

Paula's always good for a laugh (= always amusing).

have the last laugh

We'll have the last laugh if she finds out that you're the one who played the trick.

a laugh at sb's expense

Oh yes, very funny—have your laugh at my expense!

the laugh is on sb (= sb looks ridiculous after they have tried to make fun of sb else)
play sb/sth for laughs

She seemed unsure of whether to play her role seriously or for laughs.

2 sb/sth that is amusing
good, great, real
a barrel of laughs, a bit of a laugh, a laugh a minute (= very funny)
aloud, loudly, out loud

It looked so funny that I almost laughed out loud.

gently, inwardly, lightly, quietly, silently, softly, under your breath
deeply, hard, heartily, a lot, really, uproariously

I have not heard an audience laugh so hard for a long time.

He laughed heartily at his own joke.

just, merely, simply

I thought she would be angry but she just laughed.

briefly, a little, shakily, sheepishly, shortly, slightly, weakly

She laughed slightly as she saw my expression.

easily, freely

She smiles and laughs easily.

openly, outright
helplessly, uncontrollably
cheerfully, delightedly (esp. AmE), happily, merrily
nervously, uneasily

I laughed uneasily, trying to make light of the moment.


Emilio tilted his head back and laughed good-naturedly.

incredulously, in disbelief
bitterly, coldly, cynically, derisively, drily, evilly, grimly, harshly, hollowly, humourlessly/humorlessly, mirthlessly, mockingly, ruefully, sarcastically, scornfully, wickedly, wryly

He realized how he had been fooled, and laughed bitterly.

insanely, madly, maniacally, manically

They were talking and laughing together.

have to, want to

He looked so funny I just had to laugh.

begin to, start to
try not to

I was watching them and trying not to laugh.

learn to

Don't take life too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself.

make sb

He pulled a funny face to make us laugh.

hear sb

I heard him suddenly laugh aloud.


Tomorrow you'll be able to laugh about this.


The audience laughed at her jokes.


Sam shook her head, laughing in amusement.


We were laughing over some joke Bentley had told.


She spent time talking and laughing with the children.

Trent almost laughed with relief.

burst out laughing, bust out laughing (AmE)
can't help laughing, can't stop laughing

She was fooling around and we couldn't stop laughing.

fall about laughing (BrE)

It was so funny we just fell about laughing.

find yourself laughing

He laughed, and she found herself laughing with him.

start laughing

Vivian started laughing hysterically.

stop laughing
Laugh is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑audience, ↑eye
Laugh is used with these nouns as the object: ↑laugh

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