1 official rule/rules ⇨ See also ↑martial law
administrative, case, civil, common, constitutional, criminal, statute, etc.
abortion, bankruptcy, business, contract, divorce, employment, family, immigration, labour/labor, libel, tax, etc.
federal, international, state

The law is clear: bribery is wrong.

unclear, vague
harsh, strict, stringent, tough

Environmental laws are strict about polluting precious water.

discriminatory, unconstitutional, unjust

We believe this law is unconstitutional.


the passage of a restrictive immigration law in 1924

Jewish, Talmudic
Islamic, sharia

A presidential veto prevented the bill from becoming law.

Parliament voted for the bill to become law.

apply, enforce, implement, uphold

It's the job of the police to enforce the law.

follow, obey, observe, respect
break, flout, violate
adopt, create, enact, introduce, pass
overturn, repeal
amend, change, reform, revise

Congress amended the law in 1998.

draft, write

the legislators who drafted the law


Judges interpret this law in different ways.

allow sth, authorize sth, permit sth
recognize sth

a law recognizing civil unions for same-sex couples

ban sth, forbid sth, prohibit sth

The law forbids gambling of any kind.

limit sth, restrict sth

a law limiting the hours of work to ten hours per day

criminalize sth

Laws criminalizing same-sex relationships were ruled unconstitutional.

mandate sth (esp. AmE), require sth

The wearing of a crash helmet is required by law.

govern sth, regulate sth

the law governing school attendance

the laws regulating firearms

apply to sb/sth, cover sb/sth

The law applies equally to businesses large and small.

court (BrE) (also court of law (BrE, AmE)
case, suit (usually lawsuit)

lawsuits filed by women against employers


The building was raided by law enforcement agents.

violation (AmE)

the broader implications of copyright law reform

clerk, partner (both AmE)
office, practice (both AmE)

She lost her job at a Boston law office.

license (AmE)
book, journal, review

a room filled with law books

above the law

No one is above the law.

against the law

What you did was clearly against the law.

beyond the law

individuals who are acting beyond the law

by law

By law, you are obliged to install smoke alarms in the factory.

outside the law

rebels who live outside the law

within the law

The company is operating entirely within the law.

law against

a local law against keeping horses

law concerning, law on, law regarding, law relating to

the law concerning industrial action ballots

A law on hunting will cause a lot of disagreements.

the laws regarding child actors

the law relating to the sale of goods

as the law stands (BrE)

As the law stands, you can get married at sixteen.

law and order

Martial law was imposed to prevent the breakdown of law and order.

the law of the land

the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became the law of the land on July 2, 1964.

the letter of the law

In spite of the difficulties it would cause her family, the judge stuck to the letter of the law and jailed her.

take the law into your own hands

When police failed to arrest the suspect, local people took the law into their own hands.

2 subject of study/profession

She's in law school. (AmE)

She's at law school. (BrE)

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