1 small hole/crack

The boat had a small leak.

develop, spring

The pipe has sprung a leak.

plug, stop

I managed to plug the leak.

leak in

a leak in the roof

2 when gas/liquid escapes
major, serious
minor, small
air, fuel, gas, oil, radiation, water
plumbing (AmE)

The dismantling of a nuclear reprocessing plant caused a leak of radioactivity yesterday.

detect, discover, find, locate, notice

Fortunately, we discovered the leak in time.

fix, repair, stop

The plumber fixed the leak.


steps that can be taken to prevent gas leaks in the future

happen, occur
come from sth

If you have no idea where the gas leak is coming from, it is always best to turn the complete system off.

leak from

Pollution inspectors were called to a leak from a chemical factory.

leak of

a leak of dangerous chemicals

3 giving away information

serious leaks of US intelligence


an alleged leak of a CIA employee's name to the media

come from sth

The leak could only have come from one source.

leak about

a security leak about a number of suspicious deaths among civil servants

leak from

a leak from the prime minister's office

leak of

a leak of confidential material

leak to

a leak to the American authorities

the source of a leak

The organization's press secretary is thought to be the source of the leak.

1 allow sth to get out through a hole

The house was old and the roof leaked badly.

2 tell sb about sth
carefully, deliberately

The document had been widely leaked.


confidential information that has been leaked from the BBC


The report was leaked to the press.

Leak is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑faucet, ↑pipe, ↑radiation, ↑radiator, ↑roof, ↑tap, ↑word
Leak is used with these nouns as the object: ↑document, ↑identity, ↑information, ↑memo, ↑news, ↑report

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