1 big jump
big, giant
flying, running

He made a flying leap at the ball.

make, take
leap from, leap into, leap to

a leap into the air

2 great change/increase in sth
big, enormous, giant, great, huge, quantum

There has been a quantum leap in profits since 1995.

bold, dramatic, sudden

a dramatic leap in the number of people out of work

conceptual, imaginative, intuitive
make, take

They've made a great leap forward with their building in the last few years.

Eight years ago, he took the leap and formed his own company.

leap from, leap to

a leap from $632 to $735

leap in

a leap in prices

leap into

a great leap into the unknown

leap of

a leap of 750%

a leap forward
a leap of faith

I chose to take a leap of faith and do the movie.

by leaps and bounds, in leaps and bounds

His technique has come on in leaps and bounds this season.

almost, nearly, practically

He almost leaped down the stairs when he heard who it was.

clear, high

She leaped clear of the water.

about, around, away, back, down, forward, out, up (and down)

children leaping about with excitement

seem to (figurative)

The photograph seemed to leap off the page at her.

be about to, be ready to

Don't be so nervous—anyone would think I was about to leap on you.


She leaped across the puddles.


He leaped down from the ladder and ran over to her.

into, off, on, onto

He leaped onto his horse and rode off.

out of

He leaped out of bed when he heard the telephone.


The horse leaped over high fences.

leap to your feet

Rose immediately leaped to her feet.

Leap is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑cat, ↑dog, ↑eye, ↑flame, ↑heart, ↑shadow
Leap is used with these nouns as the object: ↑per cent

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