1 building
large, small
excellent, good
local, national, regional
city, county, state, town

a plan to provide mobile library services in rural environments

circulating (historical), lending

In 1784 he established his first circulating library.

special, specialist
academic, research
campus (esp. AmE), college, departmental, school, university
hospital, prison
copyright (in the UK)

It is a copyright library and receives three copies of all books published in Britain.

presidential (= containing documents from a particular former president) (in the US)

the Herbert Hoover presidential library in West Branch, Iowa


The school has an excellent library.

go to, use, visit

How often do you go to the library?

borrow sth from, get sth out of, take sth out of

I got this very interesting book out of the library.

return sth to, take sth back to

Do you have any books to take back to the library?

be available at, be available from

Do you know about the other services available at your local library?

have access to

Everyone in the country should have access to a library.

have sth, hold sth

The library has an extensive collection of books on Chinese history.

shelf, stack
card, ticket (BrE)
assistant, staff
patron (esp. AmE), user
facilities, provision, resources, service

the need to improve library provision


Students are taught library skills in the first week of their course.

at a/the library

a poetry reading at the local library

in a/the library

I've been reading newspapers in the library.

2 collection of books, etc.
considerable, extensive, huge, vast
fine, impressive, magnificent, valuable
film, music, photographic, picture, tape, video
digital, electronic, online, virtual
have, possess

The family possessed an extensive library.

amass, build, build up, construct

She had built up an impressive library of art books.

add to
library of

a personal library of over 1 000 volumes

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