northern, southern, etc.
three-mile, etc.
city, town (both esp. AmE)

a few miles outside of the city limits

annual, daily, etc.

Four cups of coffee is my daily limit.

term (esp. AmE)

term limits for members of Congress


a lifetime limit of five years for welfare support

absolute, extreme, ultimate

I can offer you $50 but that's my absolute limit.

The vessel is operating at the extreme limits of the acceptable ranges.

higher, maximum, upper
lower, minimum
severe, strict, stringent, tight

The application must be made within a strict time limit.


We are forced to operate within relatively narrow limits.


the EU's arbitrary limits on fiscal policy


the idea that the planet has finite limits

age, height, size, speed, temperature, time, weight

There's a weight limit on the bridge.


There's a practical limit to how small a portable computer can be.


the inherent limits of the hardware

safe, safety

The temperature is within safe operating limits.


the exposure limits to this group of chemicals


The same emission limits apply to all engines.

budget, contribution (esp. AmE), credit, financial (esp. BrE), income, overdraft (BrE), spending

the IRS contribution limits

I don't want to go over my overdraft limit.

constitutional, legal, prescribed, statutory
acceptable, allowable, appropriate, permissible, reasonable, recommended
clear, specific

Establish clear limits, but keep rules to a minimum.

established, fixed, set, specified

Most credit card issuers have set limits on how low rates can go.

posted (AmE)

The posted speed limit is 35 mph.


The engine was still reading well above normal limits.


the theoretical limits of human knowledge


The new law has its limits.

approach, near, reach

The industry was approaching the limits of expansion.

define, determine

the narrow limits defined by the emperor


She wants Zack to be free to explore his limits, experiment and try new things.

establish, impose, place, put, set

The government has set a limit on spending on the arts.


There's a strict time limit enforced by a penalty.


We want to respect the limits that our elders have imposed on us.

accept, acknowledge, recognize

They recognize the limits of their conventional strategies.

expand, extend, increase, raise

She must have broken every speed limit in Los Angeles getting here.

challenge, push, stretch, test

Their designers have pushed the limits of technology in order to create something new.

lower, reduce

This led them to reduce the upper age limit from age 65 to age 59.


You were exceeding the speed limit.

overcome, transcend
overstep, violate
push sb to

She pushed me to the limit of my abilities.

above a/the limit

The level of radioactivity in the soil was found to be above recommended limits.

at a/the limit

I was almost at the limits of my patience.

below a/the limit

The price fell below the lower limit.

The trees are found only below a limit of 1 500 feet.

beyond a/the limit

Heat levels rose beyond the recommended limits.

Fishing beyond the twelve-mile limit is not permitted.

off limits

The building is off limits to the public.

She explained it was her room and it was off limits.

on a/the limit

islands on the outer limit of the continent

outside a/the limits

lonely stretch of highway outside the city limits

over a/the limit

He'd been drinking and was well over the legal limit.

up to a/the limit

You can buy cigarettes up to a limit of 200 per person.

within a/the limit

They did well within the limits of their knowledge.

There was no school within a limit of ten miles.

within limits

The children can do what they like, within limits.

without limit

Banks may import currency without limit.

limit on

There's a limit on the number of tickets you can buy.

limit to

There's a limit to what we can do to help.

drastically, greatly, seriously, severely, sharply, significantly, strictly, substantially

These regulations effectively limit our available strategic choices.

attempt to, seek to, take steps to, try to, work to

They are working to limit oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

be designed to

The change in the law was designed to limit the scope for corruption.

agree to
serve to, tend to

Rigid job descriptions can serve to limit productivity.

refuse to

As a scientist I refuse to limit myself to these barriers.


The teaching of history should not be limited to dates and figures.

Limit is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑law, ↑regulation, ↑restriction, ↑rule
Limit is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ability, ↑access, ↑ambition, ↑amount, ↑availability, ↑choice, ↑competition, ↑damage, ↑drinking, ↑duration, ↑effect, ↑effectiveness, ↑emission, ↑exercise, ↑expansion, ↑expenditure, ↑export, ↑exposure, ↑extent, ↑freedom, ↑growth, ↑horizon, ↑immigration, ↑import, ↑influence, ↑intake, ↑liability, ↑membership, ↑mobility, ↑movement, ↑number, ↑option, ↑participation, ↑pollution, ↑power, ↑range, ↑reach, ↑right, ↑risk, ↑scope, ↑size, ↑spread, ↑supply, ↑use, ↑usefulness, ↑utility

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