costly, expensive
endless, lengthy, protracted
potential, threatened
civil, commercial, criminal
class-action (AmE)

the class-action litigation brought by the families of the victims

liability (esp. AmE), malpractice, tort (AmE)

the fear of medical malpractice litigation

employment, medical
bring, conduct (BrE), file (esp. AmE), initiate, pursue

the right to conduct litigation

The alleged victims have elected to pursue litigation.

engage in
become involved in, get involved in
be engaged in, be involved in
end, settle

The payment was made to avoid threatened litigation.

costs, expenses
settlement (esp. AmE)
finance (AmE)
litigation against

He engaged in endless litigation against the media.

litigation between

litigation between private parties

litigation over

litigation over water rights

the conduct of litigation (esp. BrE)

the defendant's conduct of the litigation

the cost of litigation
the risk of litigation, the threat of litigation

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