carefree, good, healthy, positive, right, upbeat

I try to have a healthy, positive attitude to life.

She seems to have the right attitude for the job.

conciliatory, favourable/favorable, friendly, sympathetic
bad, negative, wrong
aggressive, belligerent, critical, hostile, racist
arrogant, cavalier, cocky, condescending, dismissive, patronizing

She shares his somewhat cavalier attitude to the law (= does not take it as seriously as she should).

casual, flexible, irreverent, laid-back, laissez-faire, lax, liberal, nonchalant, permissive, relaxed, tolerant, wait-and-see (esp. AmE)

The teachers seem to have a very relaxed attitude to discipline.

responsible, serious
conservative, inflexible, rigid, uncompromising (esp. BrE)
general, prevailing, public

The general attitude of the public is sympathetic.

cultural, mental, moral, racial, sexual
social, societal (esp. AmE)

Newspapers reflect social attitudes.

adopt, cultivate, have, maintain, take

The government has taken a positive attitude to this problem.

Sometimes it's essential for doctors to cultivate a detached attitude.

display, express

He displayed a condescending attitude towards/toward his co-workers.

change, influence, shape

The experience changed his attitude to religion.


The policy reflects a caring attitude towards/toward employees.

foster, instil/instill, reinforce

efforts to foster positive attitudes to learning


Don't give me any attitude (= don't treat me disrespectfully)!

exist, persist, prevail

This sort of attitude exists among certain groups of people.

permeate sth, pervade sth

A playful attitude pervades all his work.

change, shift

At school he was thought to have an attitude problem.

adjustment, shift (both esp. AmE)

Changing conditions require an attitude adjustment on the part of business.

attitude about

changing attitudes about death

attitude of

an attitude of confidence and trust

Youth is simply an attitude of mind.

attitude to, attitude towards/toward

There has been a marked change in attitude towards/toward the war.

a change in attitude, a change of attitude
with attitude (= having a confident, aggressive attitude that challenges what people think) (informal)

a rock band with attitude

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