be, look

She looked attractive and beautifully dressed.

become, grow

He had grown more attractive with age.

make sb/sth
find sb/sth

This is an idea that I find very attractive.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
incredibly, particularly
strikingly, stunningly

a stunningly attractive woman

physically, sexually, visually

He no longer found her physically attractive.

a visually attractive display


This is not an economically attractive option for many farmers.


The policy is superficially attractive, but unlikely to work.


Schools must try to make science more attractive to youngsters.

Attractive is used with these nouns: ↑alternative, ↑appearance, ↑aspect, ↑blonde, ↑building, ↑colour, ↑combination, ↑countryside, ↑couple, ↑design, ↑destination, ↑display, ↑feature, ↑football, ↑force, ↑girl, ↑incentive, ↑lady, ↑man, ↑offer, ↑option, ↑package, ↑personality, ↑price, ↑proposition, ↑prospect, ↑resort, ↑return, ↑room, ↑route, ↑setting, ↑shade, ↑target, ↑trait, ↑village, ↑wife, ↑woman

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