absolute, complete, total, undivided, undying, unswerving, unwavering

He showed unswerving loyalty to his friends.

fierce, great, intense, strong, tremendous
conflicting, divided, dual

Disagreements with one's in-laws often create divided loyalties.


His primary loyalty was to his family.

family, personal, tribal
local, regional
ethnic, religious
party, political
brand, consumer, customer
command, earn, engender, inspire, win

He inspires great loyalty from all his employees.

build, create

attempts to build customer loyalty

feel, have
demonstrate, display, express, prove, show
declare, pledge, swear

They pledged their loyalty to the king.

shift, switch, transfer (esp. BrE)

Some party members found it hard to switch their loyalty to the new leader.

demand, expect

It was a blatant attempt to buy their loyalty.


The company rewards customer loyalty by offering discounts.


She owed no loyalty to him.

doubt, question
be, lie, remain

His loyalties lay with people from the same background as himself.

card (= that gives benefits to regular customers of a shop/store, etc.) (BrE)
points (BrE)

Customers earn loyalty points every time they shop in the store.

programme/program, scheme (BrE)
bonus (BrE)
out of loyalty

She stayed on at the school out of loyalty to her students.

loyalty among

The town is the object of fierce loyalty among its inhabitants.

loyalty for

Mass advertising creates brand loyalty for a product.

loyalty from

The company expects loyalty from its employees.

loyalty to

men whose loyalty is to their political careers

loyalty towards/toward

The team members felt tremendous loyalty towards/toward one another.

a conflict of loyalties
an oath of loyalty, a pledge of loyalty
a sense of loyalty

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