1 piece of equipment
giant, great, huge, large, powerful
automated, automatic, electronic
knitting, sewing, video, washing
answering, fax
ATM, cash
exercise, rowing
arcade, gaming, karaoke, pinball
coffee, espresso, ice, soda
dialysis, kidney, life-support, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray

The crash victim is now on a life-support machine.

operate, run, use, work
install, set up

We've had a new washing machine installed.

start, stop
plug in, unplug
create, invent
build, make
fix, repair

The machine is designed to fit under a counter.

go, work

Is the machine working again?

break down, malfunction

The machine runs on solar power.

beep, hum, whirr

machine tools for making weapons

by machine

The potatoes are planted by machine.

in a/the machine

Just put those clothes in the machine (= the washing machine).

on a/the machine

I make my own dresses on my sewing machine.

machine for

a machine for making coffee

a make of machine

What make of machine are they using?

2 system/organization
party, political

The independent candidates did not have the support of a party machine.

marketing, propaganda, publicity
military, war

the president's propaganda machine

administrative, government, state (all esp. BrE)
politician, politics
a cog in the machine (figurative)

Tired of being a tiny cog in a vast machine, he handed in his resignation.

a well-oiled machine (figurative)

The department ran like a well-oiled machine after the reorganization.

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