new, old
full-colour/full-color, glossy
bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, weekly
local, national, parish (BrE)
school, student
house (BrE), in-house, official

the company's in-house magazine

leading, major, popular
prestigious, quality
special-interest, specialist (BrE)
general-interest, mainstream
gay, lesbian, teen, teenage (esp. BrE), women's
business, trade
listings (BrE)

Check a listings magazine for what's on this weekend.

bridal, car, celebrity, computer, consumer, fashion, fitness, gardening (esp. BrE), gossip, home (esp. AmE), lifestyle, literary, motoring (esp. BrE), music, news, satirical, science, style, travel
dirty, girlie, porn (informal), porno (informal), pornographic, sex

Why did you buy three copies of the same magazine?

edition, issue
leaf through, look at, read

I leafed through some magazines in the waiting room.

I never read magazines.

edit, write for
print, produce, publish

a company that publishes fashion magazines

found, launch, start

Launching a magazine is a risky venture.

buy, get, subscribe to

Which magazines do you get regularly?

come out

The magazine comes out once a month.

hit sth

The magazine hits the newsstands this week.

be aimed at sb

a magazine aimed at mothers with young children

be devoted to sth

a magazine devoted to country life

describe sth
cover sth

a trade magazine covering the furnishings industry

carry sth, contain sth, feature sth, offer sth, print sth, publish sth, report sth, run sth

The magazine carried an interview with the actor considered Hollywood's hottest property.

quote sb
list sth

The magazine lists the latest films showing in cinemas. (BrE)

The magazine lists the latest movies showing in theaters. (AmE)

claim sth, say sth

The magazine claimed that he was having an affair.

reveal sth
article, column, feature, interview, piece, report, story
ad, advert (BrE), advertisement
poll, survey
clipping, cutting (BrE)
format, layout
columnist, editor, journalist, photographer, publisher, reporter, writer

The hotel is regularly the location for glossy magazine shoots,


the magazine section at the bookstore

in a/the magazine

an article in a women's magazine

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