1 empty space at the side of a page in a book, etc.
generous, wide

Leave a generous margin on the left.

left, right
left-hand, right-hand
adjust, leave, set
at the margin

Start writing at the left-hand margin.

in the margin

She scribbled notes in the margin.

2 space, time, votes, etc. by which sth is won

The winning margin was only 8 seconds.

comfortable, considerable, greater, large, substantial, wide

She was not daunted by this substantial margin of defeat.

huge, overwhelming

The amendment passed by an overwhelming margin.

narrow, razor-thin (esp. AmE), slim, small

The election is likely to be decided by razor-thin margins.

clear, safe
three-to-one, two-to-one

Her book outsold his by almost a two-to-one margin.

1 000-vote, 20-second, etc.

He claimed the title with a slim 134 000-vote margin.

by a margin

She won by a clear margin.

margin over

He had an 18-second margin over his nearest rival.

by the largest, narrowest, etc. of margins

He won by the narrowest of margins.

a margin of victory
3 amount of extra space, time, etc.
good, greater, wide

Sales predictions are open to wide margins of error.

allow (sb/sth), give (sb/sth), leave, provide

The device gives a greater margin of safety.

margin for

We have substantial reserves, which provide a good margin for uncertainties.

a margin for error, a margin of error

The schedule left no margin for error.

a margin of safety
4 profit
fat (esp. AmE), high, large

The company relies on fat margins from luxury models.

low, narrow, razor-thin (esp. AmE), small, thin, tight

We're working to rather tight profit margins.

How does the company get by with such razor-thin margins?

negative (esp. AmE)
gross, net
operating, pre-tax, retail (esp. BrE)

Today, average margins have slipped to just 4%.

achieve, have

These manufacturers have high gross margins.

operate at, operate on
improve, increase

Higher productivity has enabled them to increase their profit margins.

cut, cut into, erode, reduce, squeeze

Price rises have eroded profit margins.

increase, widen
narrow, shrink
at a margin

They are operating at very low margins.

margin on

They hope to improve their margins on computers.

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