1 (esp. BrE) in sports
boxing (BrE, AmE), chess (BrE, AmE), football (BrE), rugby (BrE), soccer (usually football match in BrE and soccer game in AmE), tennis (BrE, AmE), wrestling (BrE, AmE), etc.
final, quarter-final, semi-final

He almost made it to the final match.

friendly (= not part of a competition) (BrE)
away, home (both BrE)

Some fans travel miles to go to away matches.


a grudge match between two of the best teams in the league

big, crucial, important
exciting, thrilling
championship, competitive, cup (BrE), league (BrE)

We were just having a little verbal sparring match. (figurative)

screaming, shouting (figurative)

The two of them then got into a shouting match (= an argument with a lot of shouting).


The match will be played in the new stadium.


The team had an excellent match.

go to, see, watch
be defeated in, lose
clinch, win

A late goal clinched the match for Porto.

draw (BrE), tie (AmE)

We drew our first match of the season 1–1.

Lubov fought back to tie the match.

level (esp. BrE)

They managed to level the match, then went 2–1 ahead.

take place
during a/the match

an incident which took place during Saturday's match

in a/the match

She was injured in last week's match.

match against

the match against Wales

match between

the match between Japan and Brazil

match with

They lost their match with Estonia.

2 for lighting a fire
lighted, lit (esp. AmE)
book, box
light, strike

He lit a match so they could see in the cave.

blow out
put a match to sth

Someone had put a match to the pile of papers.

3 good combination
excellent, good, perfect

The blouse and skirt are a perfect match.

Freddie and Kate are a perfect match.

find, make

Our job is to find the right match for our clients.

This fabric makes a good match for the wallpaper.

match between

an excellent match between our goals and what your company offers

match for

That sweater should be a good match for your skirt.

meet your match (= meet someone equally good, strong, etc.)

I think he's finally met his match in Lisa.

the right match

You need to feel confident that the candidate is the right match.

4 sth the same

She has a rare blood type, and finding a match could take years.

match for

To forge the certificate, she needed an exact match for the paper and the fonts.

1 combine well with sb/sth

As a couple they are not very well matched (= they are not very suitable for each other).

nicely, perfectly

The music perfectly matches the tone of the movie.

exactly, precisely

They found a paint that exactly matched the existing paint on the walls.


He chose wine that closely matched each dish.

The students' results closely matched their predicted scores.

not quite

The room was full of old furniture that didn't quite match.

to match

I bought a duvet cover and some curtains to match.

2 find sth similar/connected

We have to match up the right pet with the right owner.

seek to, try to

The control group in the experiment was matched for age and sex.


The aim of the competition is to match the quote to the person who said it.

The available organs are carefully matched to people in need of transplants.


The agency tries to match single people with suitable partners.

3 be/make sth equal/better
almost, nearly

She found that his determination almost matched her own.

not quite

Nothing quite matches the fine, subtle taste of this cheese.


Her lovers rarely match her wit and intelligence.

be able to, be unable to

The company was unable to match his current salary.

try to
fail to

Children can be made to suffer when they fail to match their parents' expectations.


No other rock band comes even close to matching their talent.

come close to matching
be equally matched, be evenly matched, be well matched

The teams were very evenly matched.

be unevenly matched
Match is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑colour
Match is used with these nouns as the object: ↑background, ↑colour, ↑description, ↑dress, ↑expectation, ↑feat, ↑fingerprint, ↑finish, ↑mood, ↑offer, ↑pair, ↑personality, ↑profile, ↑prowess, ↑record, ↑requirement, ↑scale, ↑size, ↑skill, ↑splendour, ↑stride, ↑taste, ↑tone, ↑wit

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