1 cloth
coarse, rough, thick
fine, silky, soft, thin
piece, scrap, strip

A patchwork quilt is a good way of using up scraps of material.

2 substance
combustible, flammable, hazardous, inflammable (esp. BrE), nuclear, radioactive, toxic
primary, raw

Higher raw material costs have pushed up the price of many manufactured goods.

natural, organic, plant

the decomposition of dead organic material such as vegetation

recyclable, recycled
artificial, man-made, synthetic

The artificial turf is laid onto a rubber composite material.

biological, genetic

We have 98% of the same genetic material as chimpanzees.

building, construction

a storeroom full of building materials


Many of the original materials were reused in the restoration of the building.

art, drawing, writing

Prisoners were not allowed writing materials.

contain, incorporate, use

The corn contains genetically modified material.

3 written, printed, or recorded matter
fascinating, good, relevant, useful

The letters were used as source material in this new biography.


The magazine contains not one bit of original material.

classified, confidential, sensitive
copyright, copyrighted

The collection includes objects and printed material.


This is not really suitable reading material for a young child.

educational, instructional, reference, teaching
marketing, promotional
additional, bonus, extra, supplemental (esp. AmE), supplementary

The DVD includes some great supplementary material.

archival, biographical, historical

The library has a wealth of old photographs and other archival material.

explicit, indecent, obscene, pornographic

He was convicted of importing indecent material.

collect, find, gather, get hold of

He's collecting material for a new book on space travel.

I can't find any relevant material on him in the library.

contain, include

This new biography contains a wealth of previously unpublished material.

produce, publish
material for

useful material for a documentary

material on

original material on the First World War

Material is used with these nouns: ↑advancement, ↑advantage, ↑assistance, ↑benefit, ↑comfort, ↑deprivation, ↑discrepancy, ↑evidence, ↑existence, ↑expression, ↑gain, ↑goods, ↑hardship, ↑improvement, ↑inaccuracy, ↑incentive, ↑need, ↑object, ↑possession, ↑progress, ↑prosperity, ↑reality, ↑realm, ↑resource, ↑respect, ↑reward, ↑self-interest, ↑substance, ↑success, ↑supplier, ↑term, ↑universe, ↑want, ↑wealth, ↑well-being, ↑witness, ↑world

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