1 method of doing sth
appropriate, convenient, effective, efficient, reliable, useful

an effective means of mass communication

best, preferred

Gold has been the preferred means of exchange for centuries.

necessary, possible, practicable (BrE)

We will use every possible means to achieve our objective.

alternate (AmE), alternative, other

War is famously ‘the continuation of policy by other means’.

primary, principal

Painting had become his primary means of self-expression.

only, sole

Oil lamps were the sole means of illumination.

conventional, traditional
legal, legitimate
non-violent, peaceful
electronic, technical

Infringement of copyright includes distribution by electronic means.


We have no means of knowing how they will react.

offer (sb), provide (sb with)

My English teacher provided me with the means to enjoy reading poetry.

develop, devise

Can you devise a means of overcoming the problem?

by means (of)

The stone was lifted by means of a rope and pulley.

through means

They cannot achieve their goal through legal means.

means for

the means for achieving happiness

means of

a means of access/communication/transport

a means of getting what you want

the end justifies the means

In the case of torture, the end can never justify the means.

a means to an end

He saw his education merely as a means to an end.

by any means necessary, by fair means or foul
by no means/not by any means (= not at all), ways and means

There are ways and means of raising money.

2 money/wealth
independent, private

She must have independent means to live in such style.

limited, little, moderate, modest, slender

people who lack visible means of support


Eligibility for the benefit was determined by a means test.

according to your means (= according to what you can afford)
beyond your means

Private school fees are beyond the means of most people (= more than they can afford).

within your means (= according to what you can afford)

She finds it difficult to live within her means.

a man/woman of means (= a rich man/woman)

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