bad, rancid, rotten, rotting

That meat smells rotten.


Simmer the meat for 30 minutes until tender.

dark, red, white
raw, uncooked
rare, undercooked
cooked, cured, dried, grilled, processed, roast, salted, smoked

a plate of cold meats

ground (AmE), mince (usually mincemeat) (esp. BrE), minced
canned, lunch (usually lunchmeat) (AmE), luncheon, potted, tinned (BrE)
hamburger (esp. AmE), sausage (esp. BrE)
halal, kosher
crab, goat, horse, etc.
bit, chunk, lump, piece, slab, slice
cut, joint (BrE)

She always buys the cheaper cuts of meat.

consume, eat

The animals do not hunt and rarely consume meat.

Do you eat meat?

chew, chew on
barbecue, cook, fry, grill, roast, stew

Fry the meat in a little olive oil.

brown, seal (BrE)

Turn the meat frequently to brown it.

chop, cube (esp. BrE), cut, dice, grind (AmE), mince
carve, slice
be off (esp. BrE), go off, rot, spoil (esp. AmE)

The meat has gone off.

ball (usually meatballs), broth (esp. AmE), dish, loaf, patty (esp. AmE), pie (esp. BrE), stew

recipes for simple meat dishes

cleaver, grinder (AmE) (mincer in BrE), slicer, tenderizer
locker (esp. AmE)

It was so cold, it was like a meat locker.

cutter, packer (both AmE)

He eventually found employment as a meat cutter.


I'm not a great meat eater.

content (esp. BrE)

These pies have a low meat content.

packing (AmE), production

Canada's meat consumption

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