elite, high-ranking, influential, key, leading, powerful, prominent
ranking (AmE), senior
junior, rank-and-file
long-serving, long-standing, long-time
gang, group, team
band, orchestra
crew, faculty (esp. AmE), staff
club, fraternity (AmE), sorority (AmE)
cabinet (esp. BrE), council, party
audience, cast

Biographies are available for the cast members.

guild, union
board, commission, committee, jury, panel
church, cult
family, household
clan, community, tribal
military, service (= member of the armed services) (both AmE)

Subscriptions are cheaper for individual members.

charter (AmE), founder, founding, original

my good friend and fellow member of the council

active, enthusiastic

She's an active member of her local church.

loyal, respected, valued

a life member of the Red Cross


the five permanent members of the UN Security Council


She had now become a regular member of the cast of singers.

former, retired
potential, prospective
remaining, surviving

the surviving members of the band

card-carrying, dues-paying (AmE), paid-up

They were card-carrying members of the Party.

He was a paid-up member of the Communist Party.

full-time, part-time
female, male
minority (AmE)

a minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee


We must recruit new members to survive.

join sth
attend sth, participate in sth

10% of club members participated in this year's election.


Audience members voted on their favorite presentations.

approve sth

WTO members approved the plan.

country, nation, state
company, institution, organization
church (esp. AmE)

the member churches of the Baptist Union


Future plans will depend on member participation and input in the coming months.

member of

I've become a member of our local sports club.

a member of staff

All members of staff will receive a bonus.

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