badly, seriously

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  • Misjudge — Mis*judge , v. t. & i. To judge erroneously or unjustly; to err in judgment; to misconstrue. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • misjudge — I verb be bewildered, be perplexed, blunder, err, err in judgment, estimate incorrectly, fail to recognize, have a wrong impression, judge erroneously, judge inaccurately, judge wrongly, make a mistake, make an error, male iudicare, misapprehend …   Law dictionary

  • misjudge — (v.) early 15c.; see MIS (Cf. mis ) (1) + JUDGE (Cf. judge) (v.). Related: Misjudged; misjudging …   Etymology dictionary

  • misjudge — [v] get the wrong idea bark up wrong tree*, be misled, be overcritical, be partial, be unfair, be wrong, come to hasty conclusion, dogmatize, drop the ball*, err, misapprehend, miscalculate, miscomprehend, misconceive, misconjecture, misconstrue …   New thesaurus

  • misjudge — ► VERB 1) form an incorrect opinion of. 2) judge wrongly. DERIVATIVES misjudgement (also misjudgment) noun …   English terms dictionary

  • misjudge — [mis΄juj′] vt., vi. misjudged, misjudging to judge wrongly or unfairly misjudgment n. misjudgement …   English World dictionary

  • misjudge — v. to misjudge badly, completely * * * [ˌmɪs dʒʌdʒ] completely to misjudge badly …   Combinatory dictionary

  • misjudge — UK [mɪsˈdʒʌdʒ] / US verb [transitive] Word forms misjudge : present tense I/you/we/they misjudge he/she/it misjudges present participle misjudging past tense misjudged past participle misjudged a) to make a wrong judgment about a person or… …   English dictionary

  • misjudge — Date: 15th century intransitive verb to be mistaken in judgment transitive verb 1. to estimate wrongly 2. to have an unjust opinion of • misjudgment noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • misjudge — misjudger, n. misjudgingly, adv. misjudgment; esp. Brit., misjudgement, n. /mis juj /, v.t., v.i., misjudged, misjudging. to judge, estimate, or value wrongly or unjustly. [1525 35; MIS 1 + JUDGE] * * * …   Universalium

  • misjudge — verb To make an error in judging, to incorrectly assess. I misjudged you. I dont like your politics but I appreciate your loyalty to your friends …   Wiktionary

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