big, serious, terrible
complete, total
common, widespread
simple, slight
basic, fundamental, profound
cause, give rise to, lead to
avoid, prevent

I am anxious to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

clarify, clear up, correct
betray, reflect, reveal

His comments betrayed a complete misunderstanding of the situation.

arise, occur, result

Somehow a misunderstanding arose.

be based on sth, stem from sth
misunderstanding about

There was widespread misunderstanding about the aim of the project.

misunderstanding between

There must have been some misunderstanding between them.

misunderstanding by, misunderstanding on the part of

The oversimplification results in the possibility of misunderstanding by the reader.

I think there was some misunderstanding on his part.

misunderstanding over

a slight misunderstanding over the terms of the contract

a possibility of misunderstanding, a risk of misunderstanding
room for misunderstanding, scope for misunderstanding

Leave no scope for misunderstandings of any type.

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