brief, fleeting, passing
precious, rare

They were making the most of those last precious moments together.

intimate, quiet
anxious, awful, awkward, embarrassing, heart-stopping, tense, terrifying

For one heart-stopping moment, we thought she was going to fall.

bad, difficult

That was a bad moment in my life.

odd, spare

Could you look through this report when you have a spare moment?

exact, particular, precise, very

I felt at home here from the very moment I arrived.

good, opportune, perfect, right

I don't think this is the right moment to ask for a bonus.

inopportune, wrong
big, critical, crucial, decisive, defining, important, key, pivotal, seminal, watershed

I didn't want to screw up my big moment.

We have reached a critical moment in the negotiations.

historic, historical
climactic, dramatic
blissful, glorious, magic, magical, marvellous/marvelous, memorable, unforgettable, wonderful
emotional, poignant, tender, touching
funny, humorous

This is one of the book's funniest moments.

crowning, finest, great, happiest, proudest, shining (esp. AmE)

Her finest moment came when she won the Nobel Prize.


She let the news slip in an unguarded moment.

senior (humorous) (= a forgetful occasion)

It was a bad time to have a senior moment.

final, last

Why do you leave it until the last possible moment before getting ready?

last, take

The feeling only lasted a moment.

This won't take a moment.

hesitate (for), pause (for), wait (for)

She paused a moment to reflect.


I spent a few moments thinking what I was going to say.

give sb, spare (sb)

I can only spare you a moment, I'm afraid.

enjoy, relish, savour/savor

Victory was sweet, and she relished every moment.

cherish, treasure

I treasure the moments we spent together.

recall, relive, remember

Afterwards she relived every moment in her head.


I dread the moment when she finds out.

choose, pick, seize

He's in a bad mood today—you need to choose your moment carefully.


I managed to capture the moment on film.

arrive, come, occur

The moment had finally come to make a move.


He opened his mouth to say he loved her, but the moment passed.

after a/the moment

After a moment we followed him.

at a/the moment

At that very moment the phone rang.

He might wake up at any moment.

for a/the moment

She paused for a moment.

from a/the moment

I loved her from the first moment I met her.

in a/the moment

I'll be back in a moment.

in her rare moments of leisure

moment in

a great moment in the country's history

moment of

at the moment of death

It was the proudest moment of my entire life.

There was a moment of silence.

at a given moment, at any given moment

You need to be aware of what you are doing at any given moment.

every waking moment

I don't expect to spend every waking moment at work.

a few moments

Could you wait a few moments?

in the heat of the moment

In the heat of the moment she forgot what she wanted to say.

a moment ago

He was here just a moment ago.

a moment later

A moment later, the ceiling fell in.

a moment longer, a moment more

I couldn't stand it a moment longer.

a moment or two

I stood there for a moment or two.

never a dull moment

There's never a dull moment in this job.

not a moment too soon
the present moment

At the present moment, we do not have a choice.

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