1 prize that sb gets for doing sth well
coveted, highest, major, prestigious, special, top

The winning designers will receive cash awards.

bravery (esp. BrE), design, lifetime achievement, literary, merit, teaching, etc.

He won a lifetime achievement award for his civil rights campaigning.

announce, bestow, give sb, hand out, make (sb), present (sb with)

The award was made for his work in cancer research.

the numerous awards bestowed on him in his lifetime

carry off (BrE), earn (sb), garner, get, receive, win

Stephen's quick thinking has earned him a bravery award.


The movie deserved all the awards it received.


a business award sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce

go to sb

The best documentary award went to Ugyen Wangdi for ‘Price of Letter’.

awards banquet (esp. AmE), awards ceremony, awards dinner, awards luncheon (esp. AmE)

The awards ceremony was intended to celebrate the achievements of young artists.

scheme (BrE)
recipient (esp. AmE), winner
citation (esp. AmE), nomination
award for

the award for best actor

award from

She received an award from the PPS Foundation.

2 money given to sb
compensatory (esp. BrE), discretionary (BrE)
pay (esp. BrE)

The union is unhappy with this year's pay award.

compensation (esp. BrE), damages, libel (esp. BrE), malpractice
get, receive
grant, make

The judge has the power to make damages awards.


He was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize with Alex Mueller.


The prize is awarded annually for the best new building.


Promotions were automatically awarded to senior officials.

Award is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑council, ↑judge, ↑jury, ↑referee
Award is used with these nouns as the object: ↑accolade, ↑bonus, ↑bursary, ↑certificate, ↑compensation, ↑contract, ↑corner, ↑credit, ↑custody, ↑damage, ↑decoration, ↑degree, ↑diploma, ↑franchise, ↑funding, ↑grade, ↑grant, ↑honour, ↑knighthood, ↑licence, ↑medal, ↑patent, ↑penalty, ↑pension, ↑place, ↑point, ↑prize, ↑rank, ↑scholarship, ↑sum, ↑title, ↑trophy

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