last, past

The past few months have been hectic.

preceding, previous, recent
coming, ensuing, following, future, next, upcoming (esp. AmE)

Winning stories will be published in the magazine in future months.

consecutive, straight, successive

To occupy the intervening months she took a temporary job.

entire, full, whole

Performances were banned for the entire month of June.

We've been here five whole months now.


In just a few short months he was promoted to manager.

early, later

the early months of 2003

closing, final

Laura is in the final months of pregnancy with her first child.

cold, dry, hot, warm, wet
spring, summer, etc.

hot summer months


the Muslim holy month of Ramadan


This has been a record month for sales.


December is a busy month for most shops.


He spent about a month decorating the house.


It took months to find another job.


I waited six months for them to reply to my letter.

elapse, go by, pass
by the month

paid by the month

during a/the month of, in a/the month of

The festival is always held in the month of May.

for a month, for months

It hasn't rained for months.

in a month

We're getting married in a month/in a month's time.

over a month, under a month

I've been working on the illustration for over a month.

per month

What does the salary work out as per month?

month of

The months of July and August are the hottest.

the months leading up to sth

The President was involved in discussions in the months leading up to the war.

time of the month

Our money's usually running low by this time of the month.

NOTE: Months
the month of … 

The festival is held during the month of August.

last … , next … , that … , this … , the coming … , this coming … 

I'll be in Rio next January.

She'll be 40 this coming September.

 … (of) last/next/that/this year,  … (of) the/this coming year,  … (of) the following/previous/same year

The construction work began in May of last year.

early/late … 

The strike began in late March.

the beginning/end/middle of … 

I'm going away on business at the end of April.

the first/latter/second half of … 

The first half of January was marked by intense diplomatic activity.

the period … 

Throughout the period November to February flocks of 500 or more are regularly present.

the months/weeks/year to … 

In the year to June, sales were up 12% on a year ago.

spend … 

He spent August abroad.

 … arrives,  … comes

November came with especially nasty fog.

 … passes (into … )

January passed into February with the crime still a mystery.

a … day, morning, night, etc.

a misty December morning

the May edition, the May issue, May's edition, May's issue, etc.

His article will appear in the May issue of the magazine.

about … , around … 

We will get in touch with you again around August.

after/before … 

We expect to take delivery sometime after June.

between … and … 

The hotel is closed between October and April.

through (AmE)

June through November is hurricane season.

by … 

The work should be completed by June.

come … 

It's back to school come September.

during … 

The museum attracted 2 000 visitors during March.

for … 

The congress is planned for February 2012.

from … 

The show is open from March to November. (BrE)

The show is open from March through November. (AmE)

in … 

We're getting married in April.

since … 

She has played only four games since November.

throughout … 

The freezing weather continued throughout January.

till … , to … , until … , up to … 

The show runs until the end of October.

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