good, high

Morale is very high in the school.

low, poor
employee, faculty (esp. AmE), staff
civilian, troop
affect, be bad for, be damaging to, damage, hit (esp. BrE), hurt (esp. AmE), lower, sap, undermine

These unfortunate incidents sapped both our morale and our resources.

be good for, bolster, boost, build, do wonders for, help, improve, lift, raise, restore

measures designed to boost the morale of the police

keep up, maintain

The bonus helped maintain morale among the staff.

decline, plummet, suffer
be at rock bottom, hit rock bottom (both esp. BrE)
boost, booster

Mail from home is a great morale booster for our soldiers.

issue, problem

The army has a major morale problem.

morale among

Morale among nurses is suffering.

a crisis of morale, a loss of morale

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