this, tomorrow, yesterday
following, next
Friday, Saturday, etc.
weekday, weekend
early, late

The side of the mountain appeared pink in the early morning light.

April, May, etc.
spring, summer, etc.
beautiful, bright, clear, fine, glorious, lovely, sunny, warm
chilly, cold, cool, crisp, dreary, foggy, frosty, grey/gray, misty, rainy, snowy

After that fateful morning, my life changed.


We had a lazy morning at home.

peaceful, quiet

On a typical morning, I'll have cereal for breakfast.


I spent the morning doing some sightseeing.

arrive, come, dawn

The morning dawned bright and sunny.

pass, progress, wear on

As the morning wore on she became more and more tired.

bring sth

The morning brought blue sky and golden clouds.

coffee, tea
meal (esp. AmE)
prayer, service, worship
rush, rush hour
flight, traffic, train
commute, drive, ride
jog, swim, walk, workout
chores (esp. AmE)
ritual, routine
bath, shower

I took my usual morning shower and brushed my teeth.

news, newspaper, paper
briefing, meeting
programme/program, show, television (all esp. AmE)

He was a presenter on a morning talk show.

class, session
air, breeze, dew, light, mist, sky, sun, sunlight, sunshine

I'm not a morning person (= I don't like mornings).

by morning
during the morning, in the morning
on Monday, etc. morning, on the morning of sth

We got the news on the morning of the wedding.

towards/toward morning

Towards/Toward morning the snow turned to rain.

first thing in the morning

I'll see to it first thing in the morning.

from morning till night, morning, noon and night

It's all she talks about, morning, noon and night (= all the time).

good morning

He didn't even say ‘Good morning’.

the rest of the morning

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