1 movement
smooth, steady
quick, rapid, swift
circular, rocking, rolling, sliding, swaying, sweeping, twisting
bending, swinging, throwing, etc.

He made throwing motions with his hands.

constant, continuous
backward, downward, forward, upward
anticlockwise (BrE), clockwise, counterclockwise (AmE)

the search for the secret of perpetual motion


She could feel the rolling motion of the ship under her feet.

make, perform

He made little flapping motions with his arms.

mimic, simulate

Too tight a grip will restrict the natural motion in your hands.

detector, sensor

After surgery, patients should begin a range of motion exercises for the elbow.

into motion

The insects are stirred into motion by the heat of the sun.

in motion

Do not open the door when the train is in motion.

in a circular, smooth, etc. motion
set sth in motion
2 suggestion
introduce (esp. AmE), propose, put (BrE), put forward (BrE), table (= present) (BrE)

Only delegates may introduce motions and vote.

The motion was put before the conference.

The board tabled a motion calling for her resignation.

debate (esp. BrE), discuss

The motion will be debated later today.

vote on
be in favour/favor of, second, speak in favour/favor of (esp. BrE), support, vote for
accept (esp. BrE), adopt, approve, carry (BrE), pass

The motion was passed by 165 votes to 78.

be against, oppose, speak against, vote against
defeat, reject

The motion was defeated by 51 votes to 43.

table (= postpone) (AmE)
be carried (BrE), carry (AmE)

The motion (was) carried.

a motion of no confidence (esp. BrE)

He proposed a motion of no confidence in the government.

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