big, great

How the disease started is one of medicine's great mysteries.

little, minor, small

one of life's little mysteries

complete, total

She was a total mystery to him despite their long association.


He had found the clue to unlock the whole mystery


Her blue eyes had a certain mystery.

genuine, real

the central mystery of the story

deep, profound

a place of deep mystery and enchantment

enduring, eternal, long-standing
impenetrable, unfathomable
insoluble (esp. BrE), unsolvable (esp. AmE)
unexplained, unsolved
divine, religious, sacred
detective, murder

He is the author of several murder mysteries.

be, present (sb with), remain

How these insects actually communicate presents something of a mystery.

have, hold

It was easy to believe that the house held some great mystery.

be cloaked in, be shrouded in

The whole incident was shrouded in mystery.


The silence has deepened the mystery surrounding his work.


Air travel has lost much of its mystery.

clear up, crack, discover, explain, figure out, piece together, resolve, solve, uncover, unlock, unravel, unveil

The police are close to solving the mystery of the missing murder weapon.

shed light on, throw light on

The witness could shed no light on the mystery of the deceased's identity.

explore, fathom, grapple with, penetrate, probe, understand

Her poetry attempts to penetrate the dark mystery of death.

contemplate, ponder, ponder on

She pondered the mystery of the disappearing thief.


Mystery remains over who will star in the film.


The mystery deepened when the police's only suspect was found murdered.

unfold, unravel
involve sb/sth
surround sth

the mystery surrounding her resignation

man, woman

Their suspect was a mystery man: a quiet, happily married man with no enemies.

caller (esp. BrE), guest
benefactor (esp. BrE)
bidder, buyer (both esp. BrE)
prize (BrE)
tour (BrE)
bug, disease, illness, virus (all esp. BrE)
novel, story, thriller
mystery about

There's a bit of a mystery about this child.

mystery as to

It remains a mystery as to where he was buried.

mystery to

My sister is a complete mystery to me.

an air of mystery, an aura of mystery

Wearing dark glasses gives him an air of mystery.

something of a mystery
take the mystery out of sth

Modern weather forecasts try to take the mystery out of meteorology.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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