1 fact that sth must happen; sth that cannot be avoided
absolute, fundamental (esp. BrE), sheer, vital

Sleep is an absolute necessity for life.

dire, urgent
logical, physical, practical

The people in the rural areas use mud bricks only as an immediate, practical necessity.

business, economic, financial, historical, medical, military, political, social

He argued that nuclear weapons were a political necessity.


A website has become a business necessity.

recognize, see, understand

She saw the necessity to make an immediate impression on him.


I've never felt the necessity to rely on such a strict rule.

accept (sth as), be convinced of

They have accepted the necessity of greater state intervention.

avoid, obviate, remove
spare sb

Mrs R has been spared the necessity of having to give evidence.

emphasize, highlight, stress

Observers stressed the necessity for the ceasefire to be observed.

be born of, be born out of

Culling of the animals was born out of the necessity for successful conservation.

be driven by

Driven by financial necessity, she decided to give up her writing career.


These animals don't like water but will swim if the necessity arises.

dictate (sth), require (sth)

This rule is carried no farther than necessity requires.

force sth

Necessity forced an urgent solution.

of necessity

The visit will, of necessity, be brief.

out of necessity

He is changing jobs out of necessity, not because he particularly wants to.

through necessity

Most of the women are forced, through economic necessity, to work in part-time low-paid jobs.

without the necessity of

Most disputes can be resolved without the necessity of going to court.

necessity for

There's no necessity for you to come.

necessity to

the necessity to earn a living

any necessity, no necessity

The company sees no necessity for a more cautious approach to investment.

2 sth you must have

Policies which address these issues are an urgent necessity.

bare, basic

They have nothing but the barest necessities.

a necessity of life

Food is a necessity of life.

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