1 try to reach an agreement

a carefully negotiated series of concessions

individually, separately

Rents are individually negotiated between landlord and tenant.


Theyt were forced to negotiate directly with the rebels.

constantly, continually

The parameters of the job are being continually negotiated.

be able to
be prepared to, be willing to

Are the employers really willing to negotiate?

attempt to, seek to, try to
manage to
help (to)

to negotiate between the two sides


We are negotiating for the release of the prisoners.


They have refused to negotiate on this issue.

on behalf of

those negotiating on behalf of the government


I managed to negotiate successfully with the authorities.

2 successfully get over/past sth
easily, safely (esp. BrE), successfully

He successfully negotiated the slippery steps.

be difficult to

The flight of steps was quite difficult to negotiate with a heavy suitcase.

Negotiate is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑union
Negotiate is used with these nouns as the object: ↑accord, ↑agreement, ↑armistice, ↑arrangement, ↑bend, ↑ceasefire, ↑compromise, ↑contract, ↑curve, ↑deal, ↑detail, ↑discount, ↑extension, ↑fee, ↑hazard, ↑lease, ↑maze, ↑minefield, ↑pact, ↑peace, ↑price, ↑release, ↑settlement, ↑surrender, ↑term, ↑terrain, ↑treaty, ↑truce, ↑turn

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