lengthy, protracted
direct, face-to-face
fruitless, unsuccessful
behind-the-scenes, secret
bilateral, multilateral
diplomatic, political
global, international
constant, continuous
difficult, tough
intense, serious

It's time for some serious negotiation.

pay (esp. BrE), salary (esp. AmE), wage (esp. BrE)
peace, trade, etc.
enter into, open, start
break off
continue, reopen, resume

Negotiations were conducted in secret.


Allen had handled the negotiations himself.


Leading those negotiations is Senator Susan Collins of Maine.

complete, conclude
be open to, be subject to

The final price is open to negotiation.

take place

Union negotiations take place behind closed doors.

begin, start
continue, go on

Negotiations continued all day to try to avert a strike.

break down, collapse, fail

They wanted to bring the conflicting parties back to the negotiation table.

by negotiation

Rents are agreed by negotiation.

in negotiation (with)

She is in negotiation with other heads of state on the question of oil prices.

through negotiation

The problem should be resolved through negotiation.

under negotiation

Contracts are under negotiation.

negotiation between

The alliance is the product of months of negotiation between the two parties.

negotiation for

The problem is not the negotiations for a contract.

negotiation of

the negotiation of a new contract

negotiation on

international negotiations on reducing carbon emissions

negotiation over

negotiations over the number of houses to be built

negotiation with

negotiations with the other side

a basis for negotiation
a matter for negotiation
months, years, etc. of negotiation

They signed the treaty after several years of negotiation.

a process of negotiation

Compromise is reached by a process of negotiation.

room for negotiation

There is considerable room for negotiation on some of the details.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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