(BrE) (AmE neighborhood) noun
friendly, nice
bad, dangerous, rough, tough

I lived in a tough neighbourhood.

affluent, respectable, upscale (AmE), wealthy
depressed, disadvantaged, impoverished, low-income, poor, run-down
downtown (AmE), inner-city, suburban, urban
immediate, local, nearby, surrounding

They often got together with other parents in the local neighbourhood.

middle-class, working-class
good, great
ethnic, minority

a bar located in the middle of Chicago's gay neighbourhood

Asian, black, Latino, white, etc.
real (esp. AmE)

The place feels like a real neighbourhood.

entire, whole

Before long the whole neighbourhood knew about it.

build, create, establish

Our health depends on creating neighbourhoods that are conducive to walking.

move into

A lot of new families have moved into the neighbourhood.

improve, revitalize, transform

the criminals who are destroying our neighbourhood


Tourists rarely visit that neighbourhood.

canvass (esp. AmE)

They hired a private police force to patrol the neighbourhood.

roam, wander

stray dogs who roam the neighbourhood


a neighbourhood populated mainly by Mexican Americans

boy, children, kid (informal)
association, council, group, organization
watch (= an arrangement by which people watch each other's houses to prevent crime)
police, policing
cat, dog
bar, pub (BrE), restaurant, school, shop (esp. BrE), store (AmE), etc.
party (esp. AmE)

She volunteered to make a potato salad for the neighbourhood party.

around the neighbourhood, round the neighbourhood (esp. BrE)

There were various parks around the neighbourhood.

We used to ride bikes around the neighbourhood.

in a/the neighbourhood

There was a large school in the neighbourhood.

outside a/the neighbourhood

It was a car from outside the immediate neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood/neighborhood is used before these nouns: ↑restaurant, ↑shopping centre, ↑supermarket, ↑warden
Neighbourhood/neighborhood is used after these nouns: ↑immigrant, ↑minority, ↑slum

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