1 type of family, social class, etc. sb comes from

Can you tell me something about your family background?


It is important to have a broad educational background.

different, diverse, mixed, varied, various

We work with clients from diverse backgrounds.


I think we get on well because we're from similar backgrounds.

privileged, wealthy
deprived, disadvantaged, poor (esp. BrE)
middle-class, upper-class, working-class
solid, stable, strong

She has a good solid background in management.


She wanted to know about his criminal background.

engineering, military, musical, professional, scientific, technical

Children from a military background often move around a lot.

Even people with a technical background will struggle to understand some of the jargon.

Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.
class, cultural, ethnic, genetic, linguistic, racial, religious, social, socio-economic
academic, educational

Her academic background includes a degree in education.

come from, have

He came from a very privileged background.

be drawn from

The students are drawn from very mixed social backgrounds.

be in sth

Her background was in biology and medicine.


In the future, we will require background checks on airport employees.

from a background

children from deprived backgrounds

with a background

an economist with a background in business

background in
a range of backgrounds, a variety of backgrounds
2 facts connected with a situation/event
cultural, economic, historical, political
describe, explain, give (sb), outline, provide (sb with)

The book provides the background to the revolution.


Those discussions formed the background to the decision.

briefing, info (informal), information, knowledge, reading

background information on the country

against the background

Against that general background, let me give you a more detailed view of current practice.

background to

the technical background to the report

background of

the historical background of the project

3 part of a view/picture behind the main parts
black, blue, grey/gray, etc.
blend in with, match

The wolves' coats turn white to match their snowy background.


Most paintings look good against a neutral background colour/color.

against a/the background

The areas of water stood out against the dark background.

in the background

The mountains in the background were capped with snow.

on a/the background

bright blue on a red background

4 position in which sb/sth is not important/noticed
blend into, fade into, melt into, recede into, retreat into, slip into

The dispute over the new contract allowed her other problems to fade into the background.

He had learned how to melt invisibly into the background.

music, noise, radiation

Who did the background vocals on that track?

distortion, hiss

The signal was very clear, with no background hiss or distortion.

in the background

There was a radio on in the background.

I could see my secretary hovering in the background.

He prefers to remain in the background and let his assistant deal with the press.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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