daily, evening (esp. BrE), morning, Sunday, weekly
today's, yesterday's
left-wing, right-wing
conservative, liberal
independent, state-run
local, national, provincial (esp. BrE), regional
prestigious, quality, reputable (esp. BrE), respectable
broadsheet (esp. BrE), tabloid
leading, major, prominent
folded, rolled-up
campus (esp. AmE), college, school, student

Do you have a copy of yesterday's newspaper?


today's edition of the newspaper

buy, get, take (BrE, formal)

Which newspaper do you buy?

Do you take a daily newspaper?

flick through (esp. BrE), flip through (AmE), peruse (formal), read, scan, scour
print, produce, publish

He launched a weekly newspaper called ‘The Challenge’.

edit, write for, write in

Savage, writing in an Auckland newspaper, quotes an eminent academic.

own, run

newspapers owned by the Tribune Company

appear in

Her article appeared in the Saturday newspaper.

get into

She sued the newspaper for publishing photos of her on the beach.

come out

The newspaper comes out every Saturday.

print sth, publish sth, report sth, reveal sth
carry sth, feature sth

The newspaper carried advertisements for several products.

cite sth, quote sb
announce sth, claim sth, declare sth
speculate sth

The newspapers speculated that the star was about to propose to his girlfriend.

account, advertisement, article, cartoon, classifieds, column, coverage, editorial, interview, obituary, op-ed (AmE), poll, story
clipping, cutting (BrE)
insert, supplement
baron (esp. BrE), executive, magnate, owner, proprietor (esp. BrE), tycoon (esp. BrE)
cartoonist, columnist, correspondent, critic, editor, journalist, photographer, reporter, writer
circulation, readership
business, industry

The company is a strong contender in the race for the Scottish newspaper group.

kiosk, stand
seller (BrE), vendor
in a/the newspaper

an article in a local newspaper

on a/the newspaper

She got a job on a national newspaper.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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