1 when it is dark and most people sleep
last, tomorrow
the next, the previous
the entire, the whole
Friday, Saturday, etc.
early, late

I think I'll have an early night (= go to bed early).

winter, etc.
bad, fitful, restless, rough, sleepless
black, dark, moonless, pitch-black
clear, moonlit, starlit, starry
chilly, cold, foggy, freezing, rainy, snowy, stormy
humid, muggy, warm

They spent the night in a hotel.


Ask your mother if you can stay the night.

come, fall

The night fell quickly.

progress, wear on

As the night wore on, it grew colder.

air, sky
duty, patrol, shift
sight, vision
sweats, terrors
at night

I lie awake at night worrying.

by night

Paris by night

during the night, in the night

I woke in the night.

for a/the night, on Friday, etc. night, per night

The hotel costs €265 per person per night.

through the night, throughout the night
all night long
at this time of night
day and night, night and day (= all the time)
a good night's sleep
good night

She kissed him good night.

in the dead of night (= in the middle of the night)
morning, noon and night (= all the time)
2 time between late afternoon and when you go to bed
last, tomorrow
Friday, Saturday, etc.
the other

I saw her the other night (= a few nights ago).

the next, the previous

He spent another lonely night in front of the television.

busy, eventful

He had plans to spend a quiet night at home.


One fateful night he was involved in an accident that changed his life forever.

at night

She doesn't like to walk home late at night.

by night
on Friday, etc. night
3 evening when a special event happens
first, opening

the last night of the play's run

big, eventful, fun, great, memorable

a drunken night of partying

dance, election, karaoke, prom (AmE), quiz (esp. BrE)
make a night of it

They decided to make a night of it and went on to a club.

a night out

I was getting myself ready for a night out.

a girls' night out

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