brief, little, quick, slight, small
curt, perfunctory, terse

He dismissed them with a curt nod.

approving, satisfied

She inspected my work and gave a satisfied nod.

passing (figurative)

The house is white, in a passing nod to Greek tradition.

He gave a passing nod (= a brief acknowledgement) to the show that had launched his career.

give (sb)

My teacher gave me a nod of reassurance and I began.

get, receive

He's ready to play and just waiting to get the nod from (= be approved by) the coach.

wait for
at a nod, with a nod
nod from

At a nod from Lawton, he gently turned the handle.

nod in the direction of, nod of

a nod of approval

nod to, nod towards/toward

‘I couldn't have done this alone,’ he said with a nod towards/toward his partner.

a nod of sb's/the head

She answered with a slight nod of the head.

just, merely, only, simply

Ashamed, I could only nod.

emphatically, furiously, vigorously

‘That's exactly it,’ she said, nodding vigorously.


She nodded gently to herself.

almost imperceptibly, slightly
briefly, briskly, curtly, stiffly

He nodded curtly and walked away.

dumbly, mutely, silently, wordlessly

She could not speak but just nodded mutely.

absently, absent-mindedly, vaguely

He nodded absently, his mind obviously on other things.

politely, respectfully
eagerly, happily
knowingly, sympathetically, understandingly
appreciatively, approvingly, encouragingly, enthusiastically, gratefully
hesitantly, reluctantly
meekly, weakly
glumly, miserably, sadly
gravely, sagely, seriously, solemnly, thoughtfully

She nodded sagely as she listened.


They nodded at us, so we nodded back.


She nodded in agreement.


She nodded to Duncan as she left.


‘Let's go!’ he said, nodding towards/toward the door.


He nodded with satisfaction.

Nod is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑head
Nod is used with these nouns as the object: ↑acknowledgement, ↑agreement, ↑approval, ↑assent, ↑consent, ↑greeting, ↑head, ↑thanks

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