Non-verbal is used with these nouns: ↑communication, ↑reasoning, ↑signal

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  • non-verbal — UK US adjective ► COMMUNICATIONS not using words or speech: »Sara Bates, a business trainer in non verbal communication, says women need to work particularly hard at using eye contact. non verbal cue/signal »Non verbal signals tell other people… …   Financial and business terms

  • non-verbal — (adj.) also nonverbal, 1927, from NON (Cf. non ) + VERBAL (Cf. verbal) …   Etymology dictionary

  • non-verbal — ► ADJECTIVE ▪ not involving or using words or speech …   English terms dictionary

  • non-verbal — also nonverbal ADJ: usu ADJ n Non verbal communication consists of things such as the expression on your face, your arm movements, or your tone of voice, which show how you feel about something without using words. Culture plays a large part in… …   English dictionary

  • non-verbal — nonverbal onverbal, non verbal on verbaladj. Involving little or no use of language; as, gestures are a form of nonverbal communication. Syn: non verbal. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • non-verbal — UK / US adjective not involving words or speech non verbal communication Derived word: non verbally adverb …   English dictionary

  • Non-verbal leakage — is a term used within Communication to describe the signs emitted by an individual when communicating in a certain channel. These signs given off are known as leakage and are either not intended or not known by the sender of the message.… …   Wikipedia

  • non-verbal communication — /nɒn ˌvɜ:b(ə)l kəˌmju:nɪ keɪʃ(ə)n/ noun any form of communication that is not expressed in words (NOTE: Non verbal communication, which includes, for example, body language, silence, failure or slowness to respond to a message and lateness in… …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • non-verbal — /nɒn ˈvɜbəl/ (say non verbuhl) adjective not verbal. Also, nonverbal. –non verbally, adverb …  

  • non-verbal — adjective /ˌnɒn.ˈvɜr.bəl,ˌnɒn.ˈvɜː.bəɫ,ˌnɑn.ˈvɜ˞.bəɫ/ in a form other than written or spoken words, such as gestures, facial expressions or body language. Ant: verbal …   Wiktionary

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