be back to, go back to, return to

After a week of festivities, life returned to normal.

above normal

The rainfall has been above normal for this time of year.

below normal

Sales to December are well below normal.

near normal

His pulse rate had slowed to somewhere near normal.

appear, look, seem
consider sth, regard sth as, view sth as

It is now regarded as normal for women to work outside the home.

completely, entirely (esp. BrE), perfectly, quite, totally

It started out as a perfectly normal day.

fairly, pretty

I'd say it was pretty normal to be upset if your house burned down.

apparently, seemingly

The temperature is normal for spring.

as normal

First work out the answers as normal.

in the normal way

Go for your check-ups in the normal way until you are six months pregnant.

in normal circumstances, under normal circumstances

Under normal circumstances Martin would probably have gone to college.

sb's normal self

Mandy doesn't seem her normal self today.

Normal is used with these nouns: ↑baby, ↑bedtime, ↑behaviour, ↑birth, ↑bloke, ↑blood pressure, ↑cell, ↑channel, ↑childhood, ↑circumstance, ↑clothes, ↑complement, ↑condition, ↑context, ↑convention, ↑conversation, ↑course, ↑curve, ↑day, ↑development, ↑distribution, ↑expectation, ↑fare, ↑fashion, ↑fee, ↑folk, ↑growth, ↑guy, ↑habit, ↑hearing, ↑individual, ↑infant, ↑intake, ↑intelligence, ↑kid, ↑kind, ↑level, ↑life, ↑limit, ↑liver, ↑manner, ↑mode, ↑occurrence, ↑operation, ↑pattern, ↑people, ↑person, ↑practice, ↑precaution, ↑pregnancy, ↑procedure, ↑process, ↑rainfall, ↑range, ↑reaction, ↑reading, ↑residence, ↑response, ↑rhythm, ↑routine, ↑schedule, ↑self, ↑shape, ↑size, ↑speech, ↑speed, ↑subject, ↑teenager, ↑temperature, ↑tissue, ↑tone, ↑usage, ↑use, ↑vision, ↑way

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