big, bulbous, huge, large, long, prominent, strong
little, small, tiny
aquiline, Grecian, Roman
crooked, hooked
pug (AmE), snub, turned-up, upturned
button, flat
pointed, sharp

The sharp nose and thin lips gave his face a very harsh look.

narrow, thin

She had dark eyes and a long narrow nose.

cute, perfect
red, shiny

She dressed up as a clown with a white face and red nose.

blocked, stuffy (esp. AmE)
runny, snotty (informal)

a child with a runny nose

bleeding, bloodied, bloody, broken, swollen

The dog pushed its wet nose into my palm.


Cats have very sensitive noses and rely heavily on scent markings.

fake (AmE), false

She had to wear a false nose for the role.

breathe through
blow, wipe
pick, rub, scratch

He tapped his nose in a knowing gesture.

crinkle (esp. AmE), wrinkle

She wrinkled her nose as if she had just smelled a bad smell.


His nose wrinkled with distaste.


She was weeping loudly and her nose was running.

job (informal)

She wasn't happy with her appearance so she had a nose job.

bleed (usually nosebleed)
through the nose

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

up your nose

The boy sat there with his finger up his nose.

the bridge of the nose

He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

with your nose in the air (often figurative)

She walked in with her nose in the air, ignoring everyone.

look down your nose at sb (figurative)

They tend to look down their noses at people who drive small cars.

poke your nose in/into sth, stick your nose in/into sth (both figurative)

Stop poking your nose into my business!

press your nose against sth

Charlie pressed his nose against the window.

thumb your nose at sb/sth (figurative)

They thumb their noses at all of our traditions.

turn up your nose at sth (figurative)

The children turn up their noses at almost everything I cook.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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