1 time when sth happens
countless, many, multiple (esp. AmE), numerous

It was the first of many such occasions.

a few, several, various
different, separate
recall, remember
on an/the occasion

The police were called out on 24 separate occasions.

on occasion, on occasions

He has even been known to go shopping himself on occasion.

a number of occasions

I have stayed there on a number of occasions.

on one occasion

On one occasion he even called me in the middle of the night.

on that occasion, on this occasion

On this occasion, as it happens, the engine started immediately.

on the odd occasion

They came to visit us on the odd occasion, but only when they had nothing better to do.

a particular occasion

On this particular occasion, Joe wasn't there.

2 suitable time
right, suitable (esp. BrE)
get, have

I bought the camera last year, but never had the occasion to use it.


I'll speak to him if the occasion arises.

occasion for

It should have been an occasion for rejoicing.

be an occasion for sth, become an occasion for sth

His death became an occasion for widespread discussion of his character.

have occasion to do sth

Last year we had occasion to visit relatives in Florida.

provide an/the occasion for sth

These workshops provide an occasion for talking about art.

use an occasion to do sth, take an occasion to do sth

I want to use this occasion to thank you all for your hard work.

3 special event
auspicious, big, great, historic, important, memorable, momentous, special
festive, happy, joyous
formal, sad, solemn
ceremonial, state

Medals are usually worn only on ceremonial occasions.

celebrate, mark

a party to mark the occasion of their daughter's graduation

rise to

The choir rose to the occasion and sang beautifully.

call for sth

I do sometimes dance if the occasion calls for it.

on occasion

I only wear my silk dress on special occasions.

occasion of

the occasion of his 50th birthday

for all occasions, for every occasion

We sell cards and notepaper for all occasions.

a sense of occasion

On the day of the wedding there was a real sense of occasion.

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