1 room/building where work is done
big, huge, large, spacious
cramped, small, tiny

London has relatively few high-rise office buildings compared to cities in the US.

five-storey/five-story, ten-storey/ten-story, etc.
glass-fronted (esp. BrE), glass-walled (esp. AmE)
back, front
permanent, temporary

The company set up its first permanent offices in Manhattan.


The prime minister arranged a meeting in his private office.

central, head, main, national
corporate, executive
area, branch, county, district, field (esp. AmE), local, overseas, regional, satellite
congressional, federal
council (esp. BrE), government, state
administrative, editorial, press, sales, etc.
medical (AmE)
dentist's, doctor's, nurse's, physician's, surgeon's, etc. (all AmE)
manage, run
come to, go to
arrive at, get to

What time do you usually leave the office?

come into, go into

I sometimes go into the office on Saturdays when we're busy.

call, contact, reach

You can contact our sales office at this number.

establish, open

We plan to open a New York office in the near future.

overlook sth

an office overlooking the Hudson River

job, work

Call this number outside normal office hours.

colleague, staff, worker
gossip, politics

We have an office party every Christmas.

administrator, assistant, cleaner (esp. BrE), clerk, manager
boy, girl, junior (BrE) (all old-fashioned)
chair, computer, desk, door, equipment, furniture, software, stationery (esp. BrE), supplies
system, technology

Working in a busy office environment can be stressful.

accommodation (BrE), area, block (BrE), building, complex, development, park, premises (BrE), space, suite, tower

The old warehouses have been redeveloped as office buildings.

facilities, services

The hotel provides office facilities such as computers and faxes.

administration, management
visit (AmE)

the bill from an office visit to the doctor

at the office

I sometimes have to stay late at the office.

in the office

I'm sorry, Mr Anders is not in the office today.

2 official position
high, important
elected, elective
national, public
ecclesiastical, judicial, ministerial (esp. BrE), political
run for, stand for (BrE)

He ran for office in the last presidential election.


She has never sought public office.

hold, remain in, retain, stay in

The president holds office for a period of four years.

be appointed to, be elected to
be re-elected to, be returned to

The government was returned to office by a large majority.

assume, be sworn into, come into, come to, enter, take, take up (esp. BrE)

Mr Martens was sworn into office as prime minister in March.

The party took office in 1997.

give up, leave, lose, relinquish, resign from, retire from, vacate
be driven from, be forced from, be forced out of, be removed from, be suspended from (esp. BrE), be turned out of
in office

The government seemed likely to remain in office for the next five years.

out of office

The party has broken all the promises it made when out of office.

a candidate for office
duties of the office
an office of state

the three great offices of state: the prime minister, the chancellor and the foreign secretary (BrE)

a term of office

to be re-elected for a second term of office

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