1 machine
effectively, efficiently, reliably
normally, properly

The equipment was not operating properly.


The machine can operate for 15 hours continuously at full power.

electrically, electronically, hydraulically, manually, remotely (= by remote control)

The doors can be manually operated in the event of fire.

be designed to

systems designed to operate at the highest speeds

be easy to

The machinery is easy to operate.

2 business/system
effectively, efficiently, smoothly
profitably, successfully

The hospital was operating normally.


The airline currently operates 115 routes to 39 airports in 13 countries.

autonomously, independently

The laboratory is still owned by the government but is now commercially operated.

be able to
be allowed to
continue to
according to

The government does not operate according to fixed rules.


We operate as an advisory service for schools.


The industry operates under rigid guidelines.


Local authorities operate within a wider political system.

Operate is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑aircraft, ↑airline, ↑boat, ↑company, ↑economy, ↑enterprise, ↑factor, ↑farm, ↑firm, ↑force, ↑mechanism, ↑military, ↑multinational, ↑pedal, ↑program, ↑reactor, ↑rule, ↑submarine, ↑surgeon, ↑switch, ↑system, ↑team
Operate is used with these nouns as the object: ↑aircraft, ↑airline, ↑business, ↑camera, ↑clinic, ↑company, ↑computer, ↑equipment, ↑facility, ↑farm, ↑ferry, ↑fleet, ↑flight, ↑franchise, ↑lift, ↑machine, ↑machinery, ↑mill, ↑mine, ↑museum, ↑network, ↑policy, ↑prison, ↑racket, ↑railway, ↑reactor, ↑restaurant, ↑scheme, ↑service, ↑signal, ↑site, ↑station, ↑store, ↑subsidiary, ↑system, ↑track, ↑train, ↑vehicle, ↑vessel

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