ample, considerable, plenty of

We'll have plenty of opportunity to talk later.

limited, little, not much
big, excellent, favourable/favorable, golden, good, great, marvellous/marvelous, real, tremendous, welcome, wonderful

a golden opportunity to invest in new markets

ideal, perfect

We need to give them a reasonable opportunity to look at the display.


Students should take every opportunity to widen their experience.

historic, once-in-a-lifetime, rare, unique, unparalleled, unprecedented, unrivalled/unrivaled (esp. BrE)
lost, missed, wasted
career, educational, employment, job, training
business, commercial, economic, growth, investment, market, sales

a missed sales opportunity

photo (= an opportunity to take photographs of famous people)
equal opportunities (BrE), equal opportunity (esp. AmE) (= the principle of treating all people the same, regardless of sex, race, etc.)

We are dedicated to the principle of equal opportunity.

an equal-opportunities employer (BrE)

an equal-opportunity employer (AmE)

find, get

We didn't get much opportunity to swim.

afford, create, give sb, offer (sb), open up, present, provide (sb with)

to provide better educational opportunities


He saw a great opportunity to make some money.

grasp, seize, take, take advantage of, take up, use

May I take this opportunity to congratulate Ruth on her promotion.

lose, miss

He lost no opportunity to vent his anger on those around him.

pass up
arise, come, occur, present itself

When the opportunity came, I seized it with both hands.

opportunity for

The job will offer you excellent opportunities for promotion.

at the earliest opportunity, at the first (possible) opportunity
at every available opportunity, at every opportunity, at every possible opportunity
equality of opportunity
the opportunity of a lifetime
a window of opportunity

The ceasefire has created a window of opportunity to rescue the peace process.

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