1 one step
take, walk

Take two paces forward.

step back

Step back three paces.

pace behind

Two bodyguards remained a couple of paces behind the president.

pace from

I stopped a few paces from the edge of the cliff.

2 speed
blistering, breakneck, breathtaking, brisk, cracking (esp. BrE), fast, frantic, frenetic, frenzied, furious, good, great, hectic, lightning, lively, rapid
gentle, glacial, leisurely, relaxed, slow, unhurried, walking

the slow pace of economic reform

even, measured, moderate, steady
gather, increase, quicken

The project had a slow start, but is now gathering pace.

Thinking that she was being followed, she quickened her pace.

slacken, slow down
dictate, set

Brown set the pace in the first mile.

keep, keep up, maintain

The younger children struggled to keep pace with the older ones.

She kept up a pace of ten miles an hour.

stand (BrE)

You shouldn't have such a job if you can't stand the pace.

at a … pace

They set off at a blistering pace.

pace of

The pace of change means that equipment has to be constantly replaced.

The pace of life is much slower on the islands.

at sb's own pace

The students work at their own pace.

at a snail's pace

I set off at a snail's pace to conserve my energy for later in the race.

a change of pace

I try to get away at weekends for a change of pace.

a turn of pace (BrE)

He's a skilful player with a good turn of pace.

anxiously, nervously, restlessly

She paced restlessly up and down.

about (BrE), around, back and forth, round (esp. BrE), to and fro, up and down

He paced slowly back and forth.

begin to
about (BrE), around, round (esp. BrE)
begin pacing

She began pacing around the room.

Pace is used with these nouns as the object: ↑floor, ↑room

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