1 relationship between companies, organizations, etc.

They formed a limited partnership.

effective, good, great, strong, successful

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them.

creative, innovative, productive

Local historical societies are trying to establish creative partnerships with schools.


We have established a true partnership with our suppliers.

collaborative, cooperative, exclusive, joint

a joint partnership between the Department of Energy and the State of Illinois


an equal partnership of men and women in government


We are trying to develop a working partnership between local schools and industries.


The two companies have formed a long-term partnership to develop and sell these products together.

global, international, multinational, transatlantic
business, corporate, professional
private, public-private

The Channel Tunnel was an excellent public-private partnership.

educational, marketing, promotional, research, strategic, etc.
build, create, develop, establish, forge, form, set up (esp. BrE)
enter into, go into, strike

The company has gone into partnership with Swiss Bank Corporation.

encourage, foster, promote, strengthen
continue, maintain
take sb into (esp. BrE)

We took him into partnership in 2002.

break up, dissolve, end

They dissolved their successful partnership in 1980.

agreement, arrangement, deal

The two radio stations signed a five-year partnership agreement today.

in partnership with

They are in partnership with Apex software.

The fund has been set up in partnership with banks.

We are working in close partnership with our Japanese clients.

partnership between

a partnership between the university and schools

partnership in

She has a partnership in the business.

partnership of

a unique partnership of private companies and unions

partnership with

a partnership with an American company

2 relationship between two people
civil (esp. BrE), domestic (AmE)

Civil partnerships or gay unions are now legal in Britain.

Domestic partnerships are not yet equivalent to marriage in the eyes of the law.

gay, homosexual, same-sex

They registered their intention to enter a civil partnership.

benefits, rights

civil unions that give legal recognition and partnership benefits to gay couples

a bill extending domestic partnership benefits to same-sex couples (AmE)


You can apply for partnership status after two years.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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