business-class, coach (= the cheapest seats in a plane or train) (AmE), economy-class, first-class
back-seat (esp. AmE), rear-seat (esp. BrE)
air, airline, bus, coach (= on a coach/bus) (BrE), ferry, rail, subway (AmE), train, underground (BrE)
pillion (= riding on the back of a motorcycle) (BrE)

I soon got talking to my fellow passengers.

carry, fly, transport

Last year the airline carried 4.6 million passengers.

board (esp. AmE), let on, pick up, take on

Flight 717 began boarding passengers.

A taxi was picking up a passenger outside the hotel.

drop off, let off, let out

The bus stopped to let its passengers off.


All airports in the country screen passengers for illicit drugs.


The ship can accommodate 450 passengers.


All the passengers had to be evacuated.


The passengers were waiting to board the plane.

be aboard (sth), fly, go in sth, go on sth, ride sth (AmE), ride in sth (AmE), travel in sth, travel on sth

the first-class passengers aboard steamboats

board (sth), come aboard (sth), embark (on sth), get on (sth), go aboard (sth)
disembark, get off, get out
be stranded

Thousands of passengers were stranded last night at Heathrow airport.

cabin, compartment
door, window
seat, side

There is no airbag on the passenger side.

comfort, safety
aircraft, ferry, jet, liner, plane, ship, train, vehicle
car, van (both AmE)

Sales of passenger cars grew by 22% last year.

flight, services
numbers, traffic, volume

Global air passenger traffic rose over 20%.

capacity, load
area, station, terminal
list, records
passenger for

Will all passengers for Mumbai please go to Gate 21.

passenger in

the passengers in her car

passenger on

all the passengers on the ferry

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