1 material over a hole

Her jeans have patches all over them.

sew on/onto

She wore a jacket with bright patches sewn onto it.

patch on

dancers with patches on their costumes

2 part of a surface that is different
clear, coloured/colored, dark
damp, wet

icy patches on the roads


He has a small bald patch on the crown of his head.

in patches

The velvet curtains were faded in patches.

patch of

There were some patches of clear blue sky.

patch on

A large damp patch had appeared on the ceiling.

a patch of colour/color

Flowers provide bright patches of colour/color.

3 piece of land

an isolated patch of forest

berry (AmE), cabbage, potato, pumpkin (esp. AmE), strawberry, vegetable
briar (often figurative, esp. AmE)

The track passes through dense weeds and briar patches.

This led Nixon into a political briar patch (= painful situation difficult to escape).

in a/the patch

I spent Sunday working in my vegetable patch.

on a/the patch

located on a small patch of flat ground

patch of

We found a nice patch of grass to sit on.

4 (informal) period of time
bad, difficult, rocky, rough, soft (BrE), sticky (BrE)
purple (BrE)

The team has hit a purple patch, with nine wins from their last ten games.

go through, have, hit

Their business hit a sticky patch last year.

patch of (esp. BrE)

I was going through a patch of poor health.

5 (AmE) piece of material sewn onto clothes or uniform
sport, wear

He wears a patch from his employer, Verizon.

sew on, stitch on

It has a UPS patch sewn on the right shoulder.

patch on

Students were wearing American flag patches on their sleeves.

6 solution to a computing problem
apply, deploy
download, install
issue, release
Patch is used with these nouns as the object: ↑hole

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