1 way across land
cobblestone (esp. AmE), dirt (esp. AmE), gravel, paved, rocky
cliff, coast, coastal (all esp. BrE)
forest, garden, woodland (esp. BrE)
pedestrian, public (esp. BrE)
bike (AmE), cycle (BrE)
follow, take

Follow this path for about 100 yards, and it's on your right.

go along, go down, go up
keep on, keep to, stay on
leave, stray from, stray off

They retraced the path they had taken earlier that day.

clear, make

A path was cleared through the jungle.

go, run

That path goes down to the river.

descend (esp. BrE)
follow sth

The path follows the stream for quite a way.

branch off, leave sth

The path left the river bank and wound its way into the woods.

divide, fork
go to sth, lead (to) sth

Where does this path lead?

wind, zigzag

Then the path zigzags steeply uphill for a while.

be marked (sth)

The path is clearly marked.

narrow, widen
along a/the path, down a/the path, up a/the path

The children ran along the path.

on a/the path

I think we're on the path we used yesterday.

path along, path beside, path by

the path along the canal

path for

a path for cyclists

path from

the path from the hotel to the beach

path through

I took the path through the park.

path to
off the beaten path (= not in a place that most people go to) (AmE)

The museum is located well off the beaten path.

2 line of movement
correct, right

The pilot was instructed to change his flight path.


The building was in the direct path of the missile.

circular, straight

The object continued in its circular path.


He steered a path through the crowd.


Scientists can trace the path of the tornado.

block, obstruct, stand in

You're standing in my path!


A peacock crossed our path.

across sth's path

The car pulled right across the path of another vehicle.

in sth's path, into sth's path

She stepped into the path of an oncoming car.

out of sth's path

I managed to jump out of the path of the bike just in time.

path through

Footsteps had scored a diagonal path through the snow.

path to

He moved quickly to block her path to the door.

everything in sb's/sth's path

The tornado destroyed everything in its path.

3 way of achieving sth
well-trodden, well-worn

Her education followed the usual well-worn path of rich youngsters in the 1930s.

clear, direct, straight

She saw the plan as a direct path to her goals.

different, divergent

The two friends followed divergent paths in life.


the challenge of staying on his spiritual path while surrounded by temptation


the evolutionary path that humans have followed

choose, find

Everyone has to find their own path in life.

follow, pursue, tread, walk

Can a person who has walked a path of evil all his life really change?

blaze, carve, carve out, chart, forge

He aimed to forge a new path between traditional left-wing and right-wing politics.

deviate from
clear, ease, smooth

This cleared the path for them to marry.

on a/the path

His feet were now firmly on the path to success.

path of

The path of true love is never easy.

path to

the path to happiness

cross paths (with sb) (= meet sb in the course of your life, work, etc.)

I hope to cross paths with him again some day.

obstacles in sb/sth's path

I don't want to put obstacles in your path.

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