1 paying/being paid
immediate (esp. BrE), prompt

penalties for late payment of tax

early (esp. BrE)
full, part (esp. BrE), partial (esp. AmE)

I enclose $65.50, in full payment of the bill.


How do you want to make payment? (esp. BrE)

I made the payment in cash.

The department makes payments to farmers for providing improvement to water quality.


The buyer is required to enter a code to authorize payment.

arrange for
accept, take

Do you accept payment by credit card?

get, receive
stop, suspend, withhold

I have authorized the bank to stop payment of the cheque/check.

refuse sb
defer, delay

We may have to defer payment for a week.


The only way to guarantee payment is to sign a contract.

be due
option, plan, schedule

Some mortgage plans offer a bimonthly payment schedule.

in payment

He requested $8 000 in payment.

in payment for, in payment of (BrE)

Credit cards are accepted in payment for virtually anything.

She wrote out a cheque in payment of the fees.

on payment of

He was released on payment of the ransom.

payment for

payment for work done

payment from, payment to

payment to the company from its customers

a method of payment
payment in advance

The hostel requires full payment in advance.

payment in full

He demanded payment in full of the $300 000 owed to him.

2 amount of money paid
annual, monthly, etc.
one-off, one-time (AmE), single

All families of the victims will receive a one-off payment of $100 000.

cash, lump-sum

She was finding it difficult to make even the minimum payment on her credit card.

advance, upfront
down, initial
additional, further, subsequent (both esp. BrE)
interim (esp. BrE)
debt, loan
insurance, interest, lease (esp. AmE), mortgage, rent, tax, tuition (AmE)
alimony (esp. AmE), benefit, child-support, compensation, disability (esp. AmE), maintenance (BrE), royalty, severance, welfare
afford, keep up, meet

My client was unable to meet her rent payments.

lower, reduce

You could lower your monthly mortgage payments by $160.


It was my job to collect payment for the trip.


Companies deduct interest payments from their taxable income.


The company guaranteed royalty payments of at least $590 million.

in payments

an extra $9 million in interest payments

payment for

a generous payment for his services

payment from

payments to the landlord from his tenants

payment to
the balance of payments (economics)

measures designed to reduce the balance of payments deficit

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