per cent

per cent
(esp. BrE) (AmE usually percent) noun
account for, amount to, be equal to, comprise, constitute, equal, represent

Overseas earnings accounted for 9% of the total last year.


Roman coins containing about 25% zinc

hit, reach, stand at, total

Their share of the vote reached 6.5% in 1998.

exceed, top

Sales have already exceeded 25% of the predicted annual turnover.

(All the verbs in the following collocate groups may be followed by by, from or to plus per cent/percent. Sometimes the word by is left out.), be up, climb, expand, go up, grow, improve, increase, jump, leap, rise, shoot up, soar, surge

Prices rose by 12% in 1998.

Prices rose 12%.

be down, come down, decline, decrease, dip, drop, fall, go down, plummet, plunge, shrink, slide, slip, slump (esp. BrE)

Profitability is down from 16% to 12.2%.

boost sth, increase sth, raise sth

We're hoping to boost sales by 10%.

cut sth, reduce sth, slash sth

Operating expenses were slashed 54.2%.

about five, ten, etc. per cent, around five, ten, etc. per cent
by five, ten, etc. per cent

They aim to cut carbon dioxide levels by 20% in 15 years.

over five, ten, etc. per cent
up to five, ten, etc. per cent

a process that can reduce the cost by up to 15%

per cent of sth

In 40% of all cases, the parents had no idea of their child's problem.

a boost of five, ten, etc. per cent, an improvement of five, ten, etc. per cent, an increase of five, ten, etc. per cent, a jump of five, ten, etc. per cent, a rise of five, ten, etc. per cent

a jump of 8% in cases of the disease

a cut of five, ten, etc. per cent, a decline of five, ten, etc. per cent, a decrease of five, ten, etc. per cent, a drop of five, ten, etc. per cent, a fall of five, ten, etc. per cent, a reduction of five, ten, etc. per cent

a fall of 12% in cases of the disease

only five, ten, etc. per cent

Only 10% of the teenagers agreed with this statement.

fewer than five, ten, etc. per cent, less than five, ten, etc. per cent, more than five, ten, etc. per cent

Profits rose by more than 50% last year.

growth of five, ten, etc. per cent

Growth of 11% is forecast.

in the bottom five, ten, etc. per cent, in the top five, ten, etc. per cent

His son was in the top 2% of his class.

five, ten, etc. per cent less, five, ten, etc. per cent more

New cars use about 35% less fuel.

five, ten, etc. per cent of all, five, ten, etc. per cent of a total

The tribe's land now amounts to around 50% of the total land area.

NOTE: Financial indicators
 … is down,  … is up

With prices down, it might be time to start buying.

The index was up 18.84 points.

 … reaches sth,  … stands at sth

Consumer confidence reached a 30-year high.

Second-quarter sales stood at $18 billion.

 … is/remains unchanged

The five-year Treasury yield was unchanged at 2.68%.

 … gains (sth)

Gold stocks gained 6% this week.

 … suffers (sth)

Profit margins suffered when the company lowered prices to remain competitive.

 … climbs,  … edges up,  … goes up,  … increases,  … jumps,  … rises,  … rockets,  … shoots up,  … skyrockets,  … soars

Earnings per share climbed from 3.5p to 5.1p.

The Brazilian real has increased in value relative to the euro.

Profits have shot up by a staggering 25%.

Oil prices have skyrocketed.

 … comes/goes down,  … crashes,  … declines,  … decreases,  … dives,  … drops,  … falls,  … plummets,  … plunges,  … shrinks,  … slips,  … slumps

Banana exports crashed nearly 50%.

The pound fell to a 14-year low against the dollar.

Net income plummeted to $3.7 million.

 … increases in value,  … decreases in value (for currencies)

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